Japan's Disposable Workers

Ask An Expert

How are young women’s employment opportunities?


“It’s very disappointing that young women’s job perspective has not improved. As the new international division of labor was introduced after globalization of 1990s, companies moved their production process to overseas to look for cheap labor. That depressed wage for Japanese workers. As a result, the number of men who can earn enough to support family by himself has decreased. The amount of their salary was also went down. Compared to previous generations only 30% of women today can afford to be housewife, that is, 70% of wives need to work in order to make enough money as a family. Today’s young men want their wives to earn money. However, women realize that continuous and stable job is hard to get. Even if women had a job like that, many of them have to quit after childbirth due to lack of support system. So some young women today long for their mothers’ generation when being housewives were common. Young women dream to become housewives because they face tough employment situation. But many women today cannot afford to be housewives.”