Japan's Disposable Workers

Ask An Expert

Why don’t people quit their jobs before they overwork to death?


“More and more companies force people to do intense and high stress work for long hours. People want to leave terrible workplace like that. But they rarely have opportunity to change their jobs because one’s career is traditionally built within one company. It is hard to move around different companies in Japan. As you cannot transfer work experience at one company to another, one’s career cannot be transferred across different companies in this labor market, you have to stick to one company. so he has to stick to one company. If you had to support your family, you cannot quit your job, even if you wanted to because if you quit your job, most likely you can only get a temp job. Many of them hesitate to hold temp jobs. so they end up staying at abusive work place and suffer I think that feeling of “no way out” pushes them to the edge and leads to overwork to death or overwork to suicide.”